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What to Consider: A Guideline to Selling your Mobile App

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

More people are entering the industry as the market for mobile apps keeps expanding. One approach to starting a business and earning money is selling your mobile app. Before deciding how to proceed with your app sale and your exit strategy, there are several factors to consider. Although selling apps is not always straightforward, there is a wealth of knowledge available to assist you.

Some of your options for selling your mobile app are decided by the app and its success, while others are dictated by how much effort you want to put into the process. This post will provide a full tutorial on selling your mobile app online and making the most of it.

Guideline for App Sellers

Before you begin attempting to sell your app, you must ensure that you can do so. The following are some general principles for selling your mobile app.

Prepare your revenue infrastructure

The revenue infrastructure's stability will be a topic of discussion with prospective buyers. The truth is that most apps will never achieve unicorn status. Unless you have strong evidence that you are the next great thing, you will need to prepare your app for sale in a different manner.

On the open market, buyers are only interested in your product's revenue. To list your app for sale, you'll need to get your financials in order. The first step in a buyer's due diligence process is typically a review of a company's financial documents. A bad month or two won't deter potential purchasers, but purposefully or unintentionally reporting false data will damage your credibility.

Grow your user-base

Additionally, buyers will be curious about your user base. They care more about seeing that you have a sizable user base who has made a financial commitment to your app in some form than they do about massive downloads.

One of the most challenging aspects of starting any app development business is gaining market share. And primarily because of this, buyers seek assets with a captive target audience. When it comes to selling your mobile app, you'll be in a stronger position if you have a lot of active users.


Because the app market is so competitive, consistency is a highly valued trait. Buyers prefer to know that your app is here to stay. Because of this, stability frequently outperforms a hypergrowth phase.

Since it might be challenging to predict where growth will level out, you are essentially asking someone to make a purchase based on speculation rather than reliable information. Buyers are aware that the trajectory of your company might change just as quickly as it rose.

When you intend to list on the market, you should avoid selling amid any substantial updates. The listed product should be the identical product that the buyer receives. However, you should continue to maintain the app with minor upgrades, including any platform-required updates.

How can you sell an app to investors?

Capturing the attention of major publishers to sell an app to investors or app acquisition companies with the resources to purchase your app business is a complex undertaking. Many of them seek apps to upgrade and invest in user acquisition to double or triple revenue. Top Apps is an example of a company that invests in android apps to help them develop even further.

The process is usually as follows:

  • Request an offer: Contact Top Apps to get an offer. Once a request is made, their team will conduct a quick preliminary review of your app and get back to you with an offer.

  • Reject or accept terms: Once a price is agreed upon, a due diligence process is carried out, and a final, binding offer is sent out.

  • Payment is submitted to After signing the contract, Top Apps will create a money transfer using, and you will deliver the assets to their team. is the world's most secure payment method from a counterparty risk perspective - safeguarding both buyer and seller.

  • Finally, the payment is sent to your bank account. They approve the assets, and the deal is done.

Conclusion - How to sell an app for the best price

The potential worth of how much you can sell an app for is determined by various factors, and you never know the exact valuation. It's all about numbers and bargaining, though you can use specific standard approaches to arrive at a reasonable value.

Numerous factors can impact the value of an app. It is essential to thoroughly understand the valuation process and the many variables that affect the price the market is willing to pay. The buyer of an app will think about the potential financial gain from their purchase. Numerous factors, including the number of users, revenue, and the duration of the app's existence, might affect the appraisal. Top Apps offers free app evaluation services to help you sell your mobile app for the highest possible profit.

Top Apps' objective is to discover, assess, buy, and expand mobile apps. They are taking exceptional apps to the next level. Top Apps cultivates android apps with actual value and promise in the most significant categories on Google Play by utilizing AI acquisition algorithms, big-data-based monetization, and developing killer features.

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