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Exit Routes To Explore When Selling Your App

Android and iOS apps are great – they meet the needs of end users in various ways. However, there comes a time when you (as a software developer) might decide to upgrade or sell your app. In the case of the latter, proper exit strategies must be put forward before going through the process. While there is a huge interest in selling your app, you should consider some important factors. These factors include:

  • The value of your app,

  • the effort to be put into the sale, and

  • how to sell an app

The Value of Your App

Before selling your app, you first need to figure out the value. Nothing affects the pricing of software other than its value/worth. The value of your app is what attracts buyers or brokers. So, take a moment to review its features – what it does, the services it meets, and the competition on the market. There should be an estimated price to see whether it is worth selling or not.

The Effort Put Into Sale

Another thing to consider as you make attempts to sell your app is effort. If the software is good, you want to ensure it gets to the highest bidder. Also, you want to make sure you are creating demand to supply at a better value. In that situation, you might have to invest in marketing and advertising. If you have to list the software on app marketplaces, you should.

How to Sell An App – Exit Options

The last part is to discover how to sell an app. Usually, there are different exit routes to sell apps, but you must determine which is favorable for you. And out of a list of options known, below are the five recommended ways of selling your app.

Direct App Buyer

One of the exit routes to sell apps is the direct app buyer method. It involves finding someone or a company to sell software to directly – no third party. App businesses are easy when you have a buyer already. That means you don’t have to spend much on marketing or advertising. The two parties can agree on a price and strike a deal.

In short, the direct app buyer method is less time-consuming and quick. The con is that a seller may not be trustworthy, and you will also have to negotiate fees directly.

Open App Market Listing

Another method to consider is the open app market listing. Here, you invest more in the advertisement because you will meet different types of people interested in the software. This listing method of selling your app is tricky because many negotiations are involved. More so, you have to handle the transactions all alone, and there will be a lot of back and forth.

App Marketplaces

App marketplaces can also be explored to sell software. This method has what other exit routes to sell apps don’t have – a stable framework. Marketplaces like eBay, AliBaba connect buyers to sellers, ensuring a straightforward deal. There is a minimal risk because transactions are only confirmed until either party is satisfied with the product and payment.

Sometimes, these marketplaces offer auctioning services to get a buyer in case of an emergency sale. However, the demerits of this method are that an amount of money goes to the host and your app’s data has to be made public.


Brokers involved in app businesses can also be an exit route to explore. These brokers estimate the value of your app and deal software on your behalf. They find buyers for the app and handle every other business for you.

The unfortunate thing about brokers is that they charge high fees. However, it will be beneficial if you have a high-value asset.

Source Code Markets

Source code markets like Top-Apps and SellMyApp are another method of selling your app. These platforms offer buyers a wide range of services and ensure that sellers get a good deal from software sales.

For instance, on Top-Apps, buyers can find and get the right apps for business. The site provides information about each app, such as pricing, reviews, and alternatives. Buyers also get to read about the key benefits to determine whether it is the right choice for them.

Top-Apps gives you at least 70% of the proceeds if a buyer is interested in your mobile app.

What Do You Need To Sell Your App Successfully?

Apart from knowing the exit routes to sell apps and the factors involved, you also need to understand the key players to know how to sell an app successfully.

1. Audience

Buyers look at your audience before agreeing to purchase software. That means selling your app is not dependent on the number of downloads; instead, the number of people using it. In essence, you need an audience to sell the app successfully.

2. Stability

Another thing aiding the successful software sale in an open app market listing is stability. No one is interested in problematic software – one constantly needing major updates and giving signs of short-term use.

3. Profit

Many apps have not reached unicorn status, but the value of your app determines whether buyers will be interested. The new owners want to know that they will be making good profits from their investments in the future.

Negotiating While Selling Your App

If you’ve found exit routes to sell apps and need to negotiate, consider the following tips.

First, you need to use the power of copywriting. The main reason why people become interested in something is that the seller has controlled their willpower with words. These powerful words are often put into marketing and advertising to motivate buyers, leaving them with no choice but to agree with an offered price or negotiate something reasonable. You can use this strategy while selling your app.

Another strategy to use is to set a minimum price threshold. That means setting a particular price you are willing to walk home with, even after a series of negotiations with a buyer.

Bottom Line

Finding the right exit option for your iOS or android app is a very important step in selling your app. If you want to make the process fast and effective, you can begin with platforms like Top-Apps.

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