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The Benefits

of working with us


Competitive Pricing

We pride ourselves on offering competitive pricing for the apps that we acquire. We understand that the value of an app is subjective and can vary based on a variety of factors, so we strive to offer fair and reasonable prices that are based on market conditions and the specific characteristics of the app in question.


Fast and Secure Process

We have a streamlined acquisition process that is designed to be both secure and efficient. This means that you can trust us to handle all of the necessary paperwork and negotiations in a timely and professional manner.


Strong Track Record

Our company has a long history of successfully acquiring and monetizing apps, and we have a strong track record of helping app developers achieve their goals and maximize the value of their creations and more Benefits.

 Offer criteria:


App performance

We will consider factors such as downloads, user engagement, retention rates, and revenue generation when evaluating the performance of your app.



We will need to review financial information such as revenue and expenses in order to accurately assess the app valuation offer.


Market demand and potential

We will assess the potential for future growth and demand for the app in the market.


Quality of code and design

We will evaluate the quality and maintainability of the app's codebase and design.


Intellectual property issues

We will need to ensure that the app does not infringe on any existing intellectual property rights.


Relevant information

If there are any other factors that you believe are relevant to the acquisition of the app, we will be happy to consider them as well.

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